install windows using pendrive or memory card with few steps no need longer ways click now burn iso to pen drive

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How to make a bootable pen drive or memory card window xp,7,8,10 or any window install windows using pd or memory card also burn pen drive using software

make bootable pen drive

now i will tell you how you can make a bootable pen drive using a specific software and install window using pen drive,memory card

install window using pendrive or memory card with software

1. minimum 4Gb pen drive,memory card (window 7,8,10)
(note. for window xp 1/2gb memory card will be enough)
2. software for making bootable pen drive

                   lets ! start making a bootable pen drive

first step
download the software link given below (already downloaded then skip)

(after donwnloading extract software with password  )

secound step 
open downloaded software

third step 
choose .iso file image (windows file ex. 7 8 10) 
as below image
fourth step 
click on start (after few minutes it will done.)
                                                                congrats its done 
 now you can use pen drive or memory card as bootable disk.
one more thing some time ago new update released so i am giving you latest and old version link choose what you want.
now simply unplug and then re-plug it , thats it you can install windows using pen drive ,memory card.
       so toady we got a easy method how to burn memory card or pen drive as a burned dvd/cd. sometimes problem occurs by update by windows version comment your issue but i am sure no problem occur .