how to solve MBR and GPT problem when installing windows

Fix mbr and gpt error using this simple trick convert mbr and gpt and solve installing mbr and gpt problem without dataloss

window cant install because mbr gpt found
MBR and GPT problem solved


finally guys i will tell you what is the main problem some time ago i got this error message when i am installing windows i was very sad because  everyone telling ethod format hard drive it will solve but i dont want this so now lets move

how to solve mbr and gpt partition without data loss

Method 1 

when you are installing windows and dont wont save any data Then follow
convert mbt to gpt or gpt to mbr

window cant install because mbr gpt found

1. when you got this message press window key + R ( it will open dialog)

2. type cmd (please make every spell correct)

3. now type diskpart (without space)

4. type list disk

5. now select disk 1 or 2 (here no, means your disk partition ) as image below (one more thing when you are using pen drive to install window it will show to option choose them by size your hard drive size is greater then your pen drive normally )

how to mbr and gpt convert
Example how to select disk

(generally type select disk 0)

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6. now finale command to format your disk is Clean

thats it your MBR and GpT disk partition problem solved now type exit and create new partition or type create partition primary.

Method no. 2

by this method you can save your data change MBR to GPT partition

first thing to do is remove your pen drive and dont format window when you formatted try this method to convert MBR and GPT partition resolve by another pc

Fix Mbr and Gpt partition requirement

1. pc on working condition

2. a burning software

3. a memory card or pen drive.

4. windows file (any xp, 7,8,10 lenux)

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Now move to mbr and gpt solution

1. download any pen drive burning software i recommend Refuse 2.15 click here 

3. IMORTANT thing search there is a option mbr and gpt

4. change if it is mbr to gpt or mbr to gpt

THAts it  you are done now burn pen drive and retry to install windows. you are now converted MBR and GPT partition. enjoy your MBR and GPT patition without data loss.

Extra shots
         friends when i got this problem i got a short trick which is go to your bootloader and change boot setting uefi and legacy some times by doing this it got solved it is short trick to solve MBR TO GPT partition.

           now we have got this MBR and gpt partition problem solved sometime these trick will not work because of you skip step so kindly i request you to please do correctly all steps.
Thank YOU when you got really help please share aleast one time/.
MBR and gpt disk partition got problem to install windows.

extract any zip file

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